Second Chance

The elusive and ever-busy Golden Crowned Kinglet

November 17, 2018

Yesterday’s blog described the picture walk I took through the woods near our home hoping to find some birds to photograph down by the creek. As it turned out,  I was mostly disappointed in my results. Many of the pictures I took of the golden crowned kinglets were just too dark. So today, I went back–hoping to correct the photo errors I had made yesterday. To that end, my note to self said: pay very close attention to your settings and check your results frequently! Unfortunately, there was no ‘note to self’ that could fix my other problem: fuzzy birds. Kinglets are extremely frenetic and they barely sit still for more than a second or two– so I had lots of fuzzy birds, OR no birds at all! By the time I snapped a picture, the bird was gone–and I was left with a picture of a bare branch!

Ruby Crowned Kinglet

I waited patiently on the footbridge over the creek today for more than an hour– standing very still and watching for any movement in the nearby trees and bushes. In due time, my patience paid off. The kinglets showed up and darted rapidly from one spot to another while I tried desperately to keep up with them through my lens. Ultimately, I took a zillion pictures, sometimes in rapid succession. It’s a way of hedging my bets so that maybe a few will turn out– and a few did! I don’t mind the cold, sleet and snow so much if at least a few pictures turn out!!

House Sparrow

In addition to the golden crowned kinglets and the ruby crowned kinglets that I saw today, my bird count also included a white throated sparrow, a dark-eyed junco, house sparrows, cardinals, bluejays, nuthatches, downy woodpeckers and a BALD EAGLE!! (I got a picture of it flying overhead, but it was so high in the air that my picture didn’t do it justice. Nevertheless, I was thrilled to see it!!)

Golden Crowned Kinglet
Ruby Crowned Kinglet
House Sparrow
Golden Crowned Kinglet

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