In Search of Butterflies

February 5, 2019

Monarch Butterfly

I have been wanting to find more butterflies to photograph, but so far, they have been few and far between—and the ones that have flitted by, haven’t ever stopped to get their picture taken. I figured that the scarcity of butterflies must be related to the scarcity of flowers –it’s just too early in the season. So, maybe if I went somewhere where there were more flowers, I’d find more butterflies. Luckily, there was such a place close by– the Florida Botanical Gardens (and a butterfly garden to boot)!

White Peacock Butterfly

I can’t say that the Botanical Gardens, or the butterfly garden in particular, were teeming with butterflies, but they did have more butterflies than anywhere else I’ve been, so I was delighted. Best of all, two out of the four butterflies I saw were willing to have their pictures taken!

In addition to the butterfly garden and all the beautiful flowers on the grounds, the Botanical Gardens also had “90 acres of wetland, pine flatwoods, oak forest and scrubland…” which is where Mel and I took an additional walk and found a stunning red shouldered hawk perched high and proud in a very dead tree. We both took lots of pictures!

There were so many wonderful things to see today–flowers, birds and butterflies, that it was really hard to leave. But, it was already the middle of the afternoon, and we were both famished! We’ll be back in a few weeks, though, and hopefully see even more flowers and butterflies to add to our visual collection.

This is the flower of a banana tree! (Mel’s shot)

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  1. A Red Shouldered Hawk with a touch of Tillandsia Usneoides to the left – an air plant that I’m sure your seeing plenty of!

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