Crescent Lake Revisited

February 27, 2019

Ring Necked Duck

I went down to Crescent Lake before dawn again this morning hoping to catch  the morning light as it spread across the lake. It’s such a joy to just stand on the edge of the water in the early morning stillness, before all the walkers and runners arrive, and just take it all in—the sounds, the smells, the movement of birds. Where did all the pelicans go that were here the other day? Where did that funny looking crested mallard go?  How are ‘my’ baby Muscovy ducks doing? Will I find anything new today?

Here’s the funny looking duck again, also known as a crested mallard.
(see previous blog post ‘Duck with a Do!)

Of course I’ll find something new!  There’s always something new! Today it was seven baby duck eggs hidden in a tree, one white checkered skipper on a flower, a lovely brown limpkin eating a giant snail, a sassy green heron perched on a fence, and a ‘Loch Ness Monster’ floating in the water!

I think these are the eggs of a Muscovy duck. They are located in the cavity of a tree along a busy walkway around the lake. I only had to stand on my tiptoes to see them.

Limpkins mostly eat these very large apple snails. They also eat other kinds of snails and mussels, and sometimes insects, crustaceans, worms frogs and lizards.
It takes quite a lot of effort to get all the meat out of this giant apple snail!
This sassy looking green heron landed right in front of me and stayed for several pictures! He must have wanted to show off his spiky hairdo!
This is my ‘Loch Ness Monster’. Isn’t it weird looking?? It’s actually the head of a Florida Soft Shell Turtle peeking out of the water!
Anhinga catching a fish
Anhinga after a day at the hair salon!

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