Second Snow

November 10, 2018

winter path 11-10-2018 3-30-24 PM
The path through the woods yesterday.




Yesterday afternoon I decided to take another walk through the woods around our neighborhood, this time using my longer lens. More snow had fallen since the previous day and I thought it might be another good photo opportunity.  There’s always something beautiful to see. Here’s what I found…





chickadee tail 11-10-2018 5-10-59 PM
What do you see here? I saw a monster with a feather in its mouth! The feather, it turns out, was a chickadee.
deer 11-10-2018 3-29-02 PM
This deer got a head-ful of snow when he munched on some leaves.


fish on water 11-10-2018 5-06-28 PM
Can you see the fish that I saw??


robin 11-10-2018 4-45-44 PM
The robins are still hanging out here.
tree 11-10-2018 5-00-04 PM
I just thought this tree looked beautiful against a black and white background.
This lucky deer found a tasty pumpkin!
deer 11-10-2018 3-31-39 PM
The deer here are quite used to visitors in their woods.


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