Wind Chill 14 Degrees!

Einstein 11-13-2018 2-45-25 PM
Albert Einstein didn’t seem to be bothered by the extreme cold today! (statue on WMU’s campus)

November 13, 2018

It was really, really cold out today—and windy, and snowy. The weather report said that the wind chill was 14 degrees!!   Even though I had on several layers of warmth, I felt every one of those degrees!

One of the most difficult things about taking pictures when it’s this cold and snowy (besides the obvious), is keeping my camera warm and dry. Usually, I just stuff it inside my jacket. The problem with this approach is, I’m hard pressed to get the camera out quickly for an unexpected shot—like today, when the geese flew overhead! And, with the camera stuffed in my jacket,  it’s even harder for me to stay warm because I can’t zip  my jacket up all the way to my chin!

In spite of the cold, wind and snow, the ducks and the geese and the swan (just one) were  all happily floating around in the pond —but I never saw a single songbird on my entire walk!  (Unlike me, they must have had the good sense to stay home!!)

geese 11-13-2018 3-17-50 PM
Geese ‘running’ on water, preparing for takeoff!
geese 11-13-2018 3-17-51 PM
And we have liftoff!!
geese 11-13-2018 3-15-41 PM
Into the snowy sky!!
goose 11-13-2018 3-17-52 PM
Flying into a mix of winter and fall!
mute swan 11-13-2018 3-22-19 PM
The resident mute swan on the campus of WMU’s Business Technology and Research Park. The name ‘mute’ comes from it being less vocal than other swan species.
snowy teasel 11-13-2018 3-28-10 PM
Snow on teasel
milkweed 11-13-2018 3-42-49 PM
Milkweed in winter
milkweed 11-13-2018 3-41-14 PM
Milkweed in winter
mallards 11-13-2018 3-13-06 PM
From this picture of these mallards, you’d never know it was a very cold, snowy day. They look just as happy as they do on a summer day!

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