A Walk Around Home

November 25, 2018

I had a good-sized window of opportunity this morning to take a picture walk before the predicted rains would come—so I walked out our door, camera in hand, and explored the woods and ponds right here where we live.

Wild Turkey

My first photo targets were the wild turkeys who frequently roam through our woods –and sometimes our yards. I don’t see them very often but when I do, they usually run away! Today, though, they were gobbling down a feast of sorts that one of the neighbors had apparently left for them. Understandably, this ‘rafter’ of turkeys was in no hurry to leave the area—and it afforded me the rare opportunity to get a few pictures.

For awhile,  though, I thought that that the turkeys would be the most exciting thing I’d see all day. But time was on my side and my ‘picture business’ eventually picked up– cedar waxwings, gadwalls, white-throated sparrows, juncos, and some lovely goldfinches kept me busy for hours! I keep thinking some of these birds must have already left for the winter because I don’t see them at our feeders anymore, but there they were waiting to have their pictures taken!

The geese on Willow Lake

I also took pictures of things I’ve seen a million times before—like the geese and the mallards and the squirrels–but the lighting is always different, the setting changes, and sometimes, my subject surprises me! Once in awhile, a little brown jobbie (aka LBJ) isn’t a little brown jobbie at all, but a bird I’ve never seen before!

So… I just keep shooting!

Geese on the wing through a threatening sky

2 thoughts on “A Walk Around Home

  1. Love the birds! We see some of them from our window at the feeders but not as beautiful as your pictures!!! 😉

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