Sometimes a Sparrow

November 30, 2018

Sometimes a sparrow is all you can hope to get on a cold and snowy morning.

I left the house shortly after sunrise this morning and headed over to the Wolf Lake State Fish Hatchery for a picture walk–one of my favorite local birding spots!

On this particular morning, though, only the sparrows seemed to be flitting about. Given that it was a very monochromatic, snowy day, I was hoping for something more colorful —like cedar waxwings, bluejays or cardinals.  But, when my preferred birds didn’t materialize, I turned my attention to the nearby, and very cooperative, little brown sparrows. Unfortunately, I was having a really hard time getting the settings right on my camera—leaving me with the snow too bright and the birds too dark. I just couldn’t seem to find the right balance—until the last few shots. One of those little sparrows landed nearby on a spindly bit of twig and BINGO! It all came together!

My little brown and white sparrow that sat so patiently for me to get my settings right!

Later in my walk, other photo opportunities presented themselves –of Gadwalls and Buffleheads, but it was that unassuming little brown sparrow that made my day!

Female and male Gadwall
Female Gadwall

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