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March 31, 2019

I’ve been out on a week’s worth of Picture Walks and haven’t had time to write a blog about any of them.  Today, though, I woke up with the brilliant idea that maybe I could just do a ‘photo journal’—lots of pictures, not much writing. That way I could still share the pictures, but not spend hours and hours on the writing part. Perfect! And even though I’ve posted many of these pictures on Facebook already, I feel like a blog is less fleeting, more like a book– and that I’ll still be able to find it a year from now! Enjoy.

Sunday March 24th Philippe Park, Safety Harbor, Florida

Mel’s shot of Large-flower Pink Sorrel
(this is actually a very tiny flower and it looks more purple than pink to me!)
Common Buckeye Butterfly
Yellow Crowned Night Heron

Monday March 25th Sunken Gardens, St. Petersburg, Florida

Mel’s Peregrina


Tuesday March 26th Silver Springs State Park, Silver Springs, Florida (see blog ‘Wild Monkeys!)

Wednesday March 27th Sawgrass Lake Park, St. Petersburg, Florida

Anhinga on her nest
Banded Watersnake
White Ibis

Thursday March 28th Coffee Pot Park (Just a regular walk today. No pictures)

Friday March 29th Florida Botanical Gardens, Largo, Florida

My favorite picture from our visit to the Florida Botanical Gardens, a beautiful Northern Flicker

Saturday March 30th Crescent Lake Park, St. Petersburg, Florida

This is my favorite picture from yesterday’s walk at Crescent Lake–
an osprey flying off with his catch of the day!!
Eastern Amberwing Dragonfly
A Green Heron who just caught an Eastern Amberwing for a snack!
Muscovy Ducklings
Crested Mallard (see blog post ‘Duck with a Do’ for the story)

Sunday March 31, Largo Central Park Nature Preserve, Largo, Florida

Eastern Screech Owl –my first!
The obligatory Florida Alligator picture!
Limpkin on the hunt
Mel shooting bees from the boardwalk at Largo Central Park Nature Preserve today

And that’s what a week’s worth of Picture Walks looks like!

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