A Common Denominator

April 2, 2020

We are nearly three weeks into isolating ourselves as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Mel and I have been staying at home (our Florida rental for two more weeks that is) except for our daily walks and our brief but infrequent trips to the grocery store. Our walks have mostly been to nature preserves and wildlife areas that are not commonly visited by others, and for most of those walks, we have taken our cameras– which is how we have amassed so many pictures in a relatively short period of time!

Tri-colored Heron
Green Heron

Fortunately, photography is a hobby that is serving us well during this time of forced isolation. Even if we become restricted to the parameters of our own backyard, we will still find things to photograph–especially Mel with his macro photography!

One of Florida’s many alligators sunning itself in the grass.
Osprey with its catch of the day

One of the many benefits of this nature photography hobby has been its therapeutic effects. No matter how anxious or worried I am about the overwhelming consequences of this pandemic that we are all suffering through, once I start focusing on the birds and bugs around me, I am almost immediately calmed. All my concentration is focused on the subject at hand and whether the settings on my camera will be correct. But, even before the COVID-19, my picture walks had proven to be quite the magical elixir for restoring a sense of balance, tranquility and joy to my world.

Sandhill Crane parent and offspring

An added benefit of this nature photography hobby has come from sharing my pictures with others, By sharing the things I have seen, I am afforded the opportunity to stay connected to others. The natural world is our common denominator. It gives us a common language with which to converse and to find joy. Pictures are just another way to communicate that joy– particularly during these very uncertain and heart-wrenching times.

Stay safe out there!

Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly (minus the swallow tails!)
Common Grackle

4 thoughts on “A Common Denominator

  1. Love your pictures and following you and Mel on your adventures! I am learning a lot about our natural world by your identifications. Keep up the good work!

  2. You guys are so lucky to be down there for a little while longer anyway…Be safe… enjoy your time!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t think I told you Katie has inoperable cancer in her intestines. She’s doing ok for now – medication has stopped the vomiting but when she can’t keep food down we’re gonna lose her. Just a matter of time now. Bad year for dogs at our house. I have not so good and bad days. She’s such a love. Yesterday my sister got out of the hospital- triple bypass. Seriously….. Other than that we’re good- as long as we don’t become a statistic!! Are all the kids doing well? And Marty and Alice? You never know how much you’ll miss your life til it’s curtailed like this!! Well, enjoy you guy!! And congrats on you puzzle performance Mel! Youiamazing! Love, Me

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  3. Your pictures have a calming effect for me too. Always like them but have really enjoyed them during this time. They take my mind off things for a bit. A much needed relief at this time. Thanks♥️

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